Yoga Destination Guide: Perth, Australia

Yoga Destination Guide: Perth, Australia

Perth Yoga Classes

If you're thinking of travelling to Australia, Perth is a great city to visit on the West Coast. Picturesque beaches, beautiful river - perfect if you love water sports, fresh air and just a general great relaxed atmosphere that you'll  find in Australia in general.

I’m a firm believer in always being a student of Yoga. That is why, even as a Yoga teacher, I always attend regular Yoga classes — I don’t want to stop seeing the world from a beginner’s perspective.

Before I left Perth, Western Australia on these most recent round–the–world travels, I had a number of my Yoga students ask me what other Yoga classes/studios I’d recommend to them.

So, here are the Perth Yoga Studios that I attend and recommend as a Yoga student:

Sivananda Ashram – Beacon Yoga Centre

151 South Street, Beaconsfield

Yoga Asana Style: Mainly Hatha Yoga

Beacon Yoga Centre is a Yoga Ashram – it’s high up on a hill as you enter Fremantle on South Street.

I’ve only attended the Tuesday evening class but I like the relaxed atmosphere and the studio is large but still cozy. The Yoga classes are busy but there’s plenty of room and I never felt squished in. They have a good range of Yoga Props for use.

Fremantle Yoga Centre

Door 4, E-Shed, Victoria Quay, Fremantle

Yoga Asana Style: Hatha Yoga

I’ve been attending Yoga classes at Fremantle Yoga Centre a lot over the years.

The studio is upstairs, above the E-shed Markets. It’s a light and airy space. It does get busy but there’s plenty of space.

They run a wide range of Yoga classes and a great selection of Yoga props that the Yoga Teachers make good use of them.

8 Limbs Ashtanga Yoga

220 Carr Place, Leederville

Yoga Asana Style: Ashtanga Yoga

8 Limbs in Leederville teaches Ashtanga Yoga. Guju Pattabhi Jois founded this style of Yoga Asana that it has set sequences of asanas (poses).

They run two 6 week beginners courses (Levels 1 & 2) and regular Ashtanga classes as well as Mysore style (guided) classes and Pre and Post Natal Yoga classes.

The studio is fairly small and I found that it was busy for the morning classes where they had both Mysore and beginners courses running in conjunction.

I’ve attended both of 8 Limbs’ 6 week courses and found that they gave a good foundation to Yoga in general and to Ashtanga Yoga.